Natural Black Lava Rock (Volcanic Rocks / Lava Stone) for Aquarium, Garden and Home Decoration – High Quality Volcano Rock for Landscaping 2-6 inches


Buy decorative high-quality natural volcanic black lava rocks for aquarium, garden and home decoration. Perfect for landscaping and available in best quality packing.

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Natural Black Lava Rock (Volcanic Rocks / Lava Stone) for Aquarium, Garden and Home Decoration – High Quality Volcano Rock for Landscaping

Lava Rocks – General Information

The volcanic black lava rock is a natural, porous igneous rock that is formed when the molten lava erupted from a volcano cools down rapidly. This creates a distinctive and unique porous texture, making it highly suitable for various applications.

With a deep black color and natural volcanic origin, volcanic black lava rock is a versatile material that is widely used for aquarium, landscaping, and cooking purposes.

Shehri Kisaan Lava Rocks – Product Information

Available Sizes:
Our lava rocks are available in 2-4 inch and 4-6 inch sizes. For larger sizes, simply place a personal order.

Customized Orders:
As an aquascapers favourite, we offer customized packing and orders for all types of lava chips and lava rocks.

Bulk Wholesale Pricing:
For bulk wholesale pricing, please reach out to us. Bulk packing is done in 20 kg heavy-duty reusable gunny bags for 2-6-inch size.

Order Confirmation:
Once you place your order, please send us a message confirming the purpose of use. We handpick lighter stones for landscape decor to provide more rocks, while slightly heavier varieties are chosen and tested for sinking in water before being selected for aquascaping and fish tanks. Only rocks that sink are chosen for these purposes.

Technical details of volcanic black lava rock?

Volcanic black lava rock is known for its lightweight and porous nature, making it an ideal choice for enhancing aeration and drainage in both aquarium and landscaping setups.

With its natural volcanic origin, it is free from any artificial additives, ensuring its compatibility with aquatic and terrestrial environments. Available in various sizes and weights, volcanic black lava rock can be used according to specific requirements.

What are the differences between pumice and lava rocks?

Pumice and lava rocks differ in composition and texture. Pumice is formed from volcanic ash and has a lightweight, porous structure, making it ideal for exfoliation and water filtration. Lava rocks, on the other hand, are formed from solidified lava and have a denser, more rugged texture, making them suitable for landscaping, aquarium decoration, and cooking applications.

Natural Volcanic Lava Rock Usage in Aquarium and Fish Tank

Volcanic black lava rock is widely used in aquarium setups due to its natural decorative appeal and beneficial properties for aquatic life. It is utilized for aquascaping, enhancing biological filtration, and creating visually captivating underwater landscapes.

How to use lava rock in an aquarium setup?

Before incorporating lava rock into an aquarium, it is essential to clean and prepare it properly. This involves rinsing the rocks to remove any loose debris or dust. Once cleaned, the lava rock can be strategically placed to create caves, ledges, or other structures, providing shelter and visual interest for aquarium inhabitants.

What are the benefits of using lava rock in aquarium decorations?

Volcanic black lava rock offers a porous and textured surface that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, supporting the establishment of a healthy biological filtration system within the aquarium. Furthermore, its natural appearance and compatibility with aquatic environments make it an ideal choice for creating natural, aesthetically pleasing fish tank decorations.

How can black lava rock be used for aquascaping?

Black lava rock is ideal for aquascaping as it can be arranged to form captivating underwater landscapes, providing natural hideaways and visually interesting focal points within the aquarium. The porous nature of red lava rock allows for the attachment of aquatic plants, creating a natural and visually pleasing environment for aquatic life in a planted aquarium.

Is black lava rock safe for aquariums? What about the pH level?

Black lava rock is safe for aquarium use and is pH neutral, meaning it will not significantly alter the water chemistry. This makes it suitable for various aquatic setups, including freshwater and marine aquariums. However, as with any new addition to an aquarium, it is important to monitor water parameters when introducing lava rock to ensure the well-being of aquatic life.

Landscape Decorations with Red Lava / Black Volcano Lava Rocks

When used for landscaping and decoration, volcanic black lava rock offers a unique and visually striking element to outdoor spaces, gardens, and indoor decor. Its natural composition and versatile applications make it a popular choice for enhancing landscapes and creating captivating decorative features.

What are the advantages of using lava rock in home and garden decorations?

Volcanic black lava rock provides a natural and rustic charm to home and garden decorations. Its versatility allows it to be used in various applications such as garden pathways, outdoor planters, and decorative features. The lightweight nature of lava rock also makes it a practical and durable choice for outdoor decor, ensuring long-lasting appeal.

Are there specific ways to prepare lava rock for landscaping purposes?

Before using lava rock in landscaping, it is recommended to rinse and clean the rocks to remove any fine particles or debris. Additionally, arranging the lava rock in a visually appealing and structurally sound manner can contribute to creating an attractive landscape feature that complements the surrounding environment.

Where can you find lava rock suppliers for landscaping purposes?

Lava rock suppliers for landscaping purposes can be found in nurseries, garden centers, and specialized landscaping stores, all of which are catered by Shehri Kisaan. Additionally, many home improvement stores offer volcanic black lava rock in bulk for sale, providing an affordable and convenient option for landscaping and decoration projects.

Lava Rocks for Cooking, Grilling, Gas Barbecue, Tandoor

With its excellent heat retention and distribution properties, volcanic black lava rock is a popular choice for use in gas barbecues and other cooking methods. Its natural heat-resistant characteristics make it an ideal material for enhancing the cooking and grilling experience.

When using lava rocks in a gas barbecue, they are placed above the burners to evenly distribute and retain heat. This helps to create a consistent and flavorful cooking environment, imparting a distinct smoky essence to grilled foods.

How can volcanic rock be used in tandoors / tandoor?

In tandoor cooking, volcanic black lava rock acts as an excellent heat diffuser due to its ability to retain and radiate heat evenly. When placed in a tandoor or clay oven, the lava rock helps in achieving consistent and high temperatures, allowing for the authentic preparation of various dishes, especially traditional tandoori recipes.

What are the benefits of using lava rocks for grilling or cooking?

Lava rocks aid in the efficient retention and distribution of heat, allowing for even cooking and grilling of various food items. Their natural properties enhance the flavor profile of grilled dishes, providing a unique culinary experience for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Are lava rocks for charcoal grills different from those used in landscaping?

Lava rocks used in charcoal grills share similar properties to those used in landscaping, with both types offering excellent heat distribution and retention. However, lava rocks intended for cooking purposes are typically food-grade and processed to ensure safe and hygienic use in culinary applications.

Additional Considerations – More Product information / Product Description about Volcanic Rocks

The diverse uses and applications of volcanic black lava rock can provide valuable insights into its potential benefits and creative uses across various domains.

Lava Rock Facts:

Did you know that volcanic black lava rock is not only a natural and sustainable material, but it also has a fascinating history of use across diverse cultures? From construction to decoration and even culinary purposes, lava rock has been a staple in human societies for centuries.

Its versatility and resilience make it an enduring choice for enhancing different environments and embarking on creative projects.

So, whether you’re looking to add a touch of the colors of nature to your landscape or seeking a reliable canister of alkali-rich volcanic rock, lava rock is the go-to choice. Plus, with its long-lasting properties, you can keep the item for various uses, knowing it’ll stand the test of time.

How to incorporate lava rock pebbles into fish tank decorations?

When incorporating lava rock into fish tank decorations, it is essential to consider the placement and arrangement to create a visually appealing and functional aquatic environment. By combining different sizes and shapes of lava rock, captivating underwater landscapes can be crafted to provide shelter and visual interest for aquarium inhabitants.

What is the comparison between ceramic rings and lava rock in aquarium filters?

Ceramic rings and lava rock serve as biological filter media in aquarium filtration systems. While ceramic rings offer a smooth and uniform surface for beneficial bacteria colonization, lava rock’s porous texture provides ample surface area for bacterial growth, contributing to effective biological filtration and water purification in aquariums.

Frequently Asked Questions People Also Ask about Natural Lava Rocks

Q: What is natural black lava rock and its uses?

A: Natural black lava rock, also known as volcanic rock or lava stone, is a high-quality material commonly used for landscaping, aquariums, gardens, and home decoration. It is versatile and can be used in various settings, such as aquariums, terrariums, bonsai, planted tanks, miniature fairy gardens, succulents, and cactus planters, as well as for insulation, substrate, and as a decorative element in home décor.

Q: Is lava rock pH neutral?

A: Lava rock is often considered pH neutral, which makes it a suitable choice for aquariums and planters, as it will not significantly alter the pH levels of the water or soil in which it is placed.

Q: How is lava rock beneficial for aquascaping and planted aquariums?

A: Lava rock is a popular choice for aquascaping and planted aquariums due to its porous nature, which provides an ideal environment for beneficial denitrifying bacteria to thrive. It also helps in reducing algae growth and serves as a grow media for plants in aquaponics systems.

Q: What are the advantages of using lava rock chips?

A: Lava rock chips are lightweight, provide good drainage for plants, and can be used for various decorative and functional purposes, including as a substrate in potted plants and for creating natural art in aquariums and terrariums.

Q: How can lava rock be used in landscaping and outdoor settings?

A: Lava rock is commonly used in landscaping for its natural aesthetic appeal and versatility. It can be used for decorative purposes in outdoor spaces, such as in fire pits, garden pathways, and rock gardens. It also serves as an insulating and decorative element for outdoor settings.

Q: Where can I find lava rock for aquariums and home decoration in India?

A: Lava rock specially curated for aquariums and home decoration is available for purchase online in India. The price in India is reasonably lower in comparison to western countries.

It is suitable for various applications, including natural art in your aquariums, aquarium soil, terrariums, bonsai, succulents, and cactus plants, landscape décor, plants pots base layer for drainage, offering a natural and eco-friendly solution for décor.

Q: What are the benefits of using lava rock in plant care, such as for orchids and cacti?

A: Lava rock effectively aids plant care by providing proper drainage and aeration for orchids and cacti, enhancing their growth and health. It can help prevent root rot and improve the overall well-being of the plants.

Q: How does lava rock contribute to nitrate reduction and denitrification in aquariums?

A: Lava rock’s porous structure allows for the colonization of denitrifying bacteria, which helps in the process of nitrate reduction and denitrification in aquariums, promoting a healthier aquatic environment and reducing the risk of nitrate buildup.

Q: What are the distinct features of black lava rock for landscaping and home décor?

A: Black lava rock offers a complete color spectrum, from deep charcoal to jet black, providing a unique aesthetic that complements a variety of landscaping and home décor settings. Its dark colors make it a favorite choice for creating visually striking and natural-looking designs.

Q: How can lava rock be used in aquascaping projects and what makes it a preferred choice for aquascapers?

A: Lava rock’s natural texture, varied shapes, and vibrant red hues make it an aquascapers’ favorite choice for creating captivating aquascaping layouts. Its aesthetic appeal, along with its beneficial properties for plant and aquatic life, makes it a versatile and sought-after material for aquascaping projects.


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