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Coco Peat Powder | Rapid Seedling Germination | Promotes Healthy Root Growth | Ideal Medium for Indoor & Outdoor Plants

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SHEHRI KISAAN® Coco peat Powder – a premium horticulture-grade soil medium designed to revolutionize your seedling germination process. Our CocoPeat Powder is meticulously crafted to provide you with the ideal medium for robust and healthy plant growth. With its dried, double-sifted texture, this natural brown powder offers unparalleled convenience and value for money. Experience the ease of use, superior quality, and exceptional benefits of our CocoPeat Powder today.


  • Ideal for Seedling Germination: Our CocoPeat Powder is specially formulated to promote optimal seedling growth. The size of the fibers in the powder creates an excellent environment for root development, ensuring strong and healthy plants right from the start.
  • Versatile Medium for Potted Plants: Whether you’re growing herbs, flowers, or vegetables in pots, our CocoPeat Powder is the perfect choice. Its lightweight and well-draining properties help prevent waterlogging, allowing roots to breathe and thrive.
  • Soil Amendment for Gardens: Enhance the quality of your garden soil by incorporating our CocoPeat Powder. It improves moisture retention, aeration, and nutrient absorption, leading to healthier plants and abundant yields.

BENEFITS OF CocoPeat Powder:

  1. Superior Quality: Our CocoPeat Powder is made from premium-grade cocopeat fibers that have been meticulously double-sifted. This ensures a clean, debris-free medium for your plants, providing them with the best possible growing conditions.
  2. Easy to Use: Unlike traditional coco peat blocks, our powder requires no soaking or waiting for expansion. Simply use the pack contents directly, saving you time and effort. It’s a hassle-free way to nurture your plants.
  3. Optimal Moisture Control: With less than 2% moisture content, our CocoPeat Powder allows you to have precise control over the watering needs of your plants. You can adjust the moisture levels according to the specific requirements of each plant, preventing overwatering or underwatering.
  4. Promotes Root Growth: The fine and consistent texture of our CocoPeat Powder encourages healthy root development. It provides an ideal balance of moisture and air circulation, allowing roots to penetrate easily and establish a strong foundation for your plants.
  5. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: By choosing our CocoPeat Powder, you’re making an environmentally conscious choice. It is made from the renewable and biodegradable byproduct of coconut husks, reducing waste and promoting sustainable gardening practices.

PACKAGING OF CocoPeat Powder:

Coco Peat Powder Packing Options

Choose the perfect packing option for your Coco Peat Powder from our range of convenient sizes:

  1. 450g LD: Handy 450g pouches for easy handling.
  2. 950g LD: Larger quantity option in 950g pouches.
  3. 5kg Gunny Bag: Sturdy and practical bag for moderate-sized projects.
  4. 10kg Gunny Bag: Ideal for bigger gardening endeavors.
  5. 20kg Gunny Bag: Provides ample supply for larger-scale projects.
  6. 25kg Gunny Bag: Highest capacity option for extensive gardening needs.

We also offer customized packing to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need branded LD pouches or non-branded options for self-branding purposes, we’ve got you covered. The minimum order quantity for customized packing is 20 units per pack size.

Get in touch with us to discuss your Coco Peat Powder packing needs and place your order today!

FAQs RELATED TO CocoPeat Powder:

Q1. How do I use CocoPeat Powder for seedling germination?

Ans. Simply fill your seedling trays or pots with CocoPeat Powder and sow your seeds as usual. Keep the medium moist and provide adequate light and warmth for optimal germination.

Q2. Can I use CocoPeat Powder for indoor gardening?

Ans. Absolutely! CocoPeat Powder is suitable for indoor gardening as it provides excellent drainage and aeration for potted plants.

Q3. Can I mix CocoPeat Powder with regular garden soil?

Ans. Yes, CocoPeat Powder can be used as a soil amendment. Mix it with your garden soil to enhance moisture retention and improve overall soil quality.

Q4. Does CocoPeat Powder have any added chemicals?

Ans. No, our CocoPeat Powder is 100% natural and free from any added chemicals. It provides a safe and healthy environment for your plants.

Q5. Can I reuse CocoPeat Powder after a crop cycle?

Ans. While it is possible to reuse CocoPeat Powder, it is recommended to replace it for each new crop cycle to ensure optimum plant health.

Q6. Does Coco Peat Powder attract pests or insects?

Ans. Coco Peat Powder has a naturally low pH, making it unattractive to most pests and insects. However, it’s always advisable to monitor your plants for any signs of infestation.

Q7. Is Coco Peat Powder suitable for hydroponics?

Ans. Yes, Coco Peat Powder can be used as a substrate for hydroponic systems. Its excellent water retention properties make it an ideal choice for this growing method.

Q8. How often should I water plants grown in Coco Peat Powder?

Ans. The watering frequency will depend on the specific needs of your plants and the environmental conditions. Monitor the moisture level regularly and water accordingly.

Q9. Can Coco Peat Powder be mixed with other potting mixes?

Ans. Yes, Coco Peat Powder can be mixed with other potting mixes to create a customized blend. Experiment with different ratios to find the mix that works best for your plants.


250g, 420g, 450g, 950g, 1900g, 5KG, 10KG, 20KG, 25KG


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