Vermiculite for Plants | Boosts Plant Growth | Use as Soilless Mix for Germination, Root & Stem Starting

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Product Description & Overview: Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Organic Vermiculite

Shehri Kisaan® Organic Coarse Vermiculite is a premium-grade horticultural product designed to enhance gardening, horticulture, and hydroponic systems. This coarse-grade vermiculite offers excellent water retention, aeration, and nutrient availability, making it ideal for seed starting, potting mixes, soil amendment, and mulching. It promotes healthy plant growth and helps create an optimal environment for successful gardening.


Granular and Silicate Flakes: The vermiculite comes in the form of granules and shiny silicate flakes resembling mica. These unique characteristics provide excellent absorption properties, lightweight handling, and efficient distribution of water, nutrients, and air to the plant’s root systems.

Application of Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite

  • Boost Seed Germination: Improve the success rate of seed germination by using Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite. Its absorptive and lightweight properties provide optimal conditions for tender young root systems to grow, promoting healthy plant development.
  • Soil Moisture Retention: Mix Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite with soil, peat, or coco peat to enhance moisture retention in your potting soil. This helps prevent over-drying and ensures a consistent water supply to the roots, leading to healthier plants.
  • Aeration Enhancement: Incorporating vermiculite into your potting soil mix improves aeration, allowing oxygen to reach the roots. This helps prevent soil compaction, promotes root respiration, and encourages stronger root growth.

Benefits of Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite

  • Increased Productivity and Quality: Experience a remarkable 20-60% increase in productivity and the overall quality of your produce. Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite provides the necessary nutrients and retains water, ensuring plants receive essential elements for optimal growth.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle: The lightweight nature of vermiculite makes it convenient to handle during gardening activities. Its easy mixing capability with various mediums such as soil, coir pith, peat, compost, and manures makes it versatile for different gardening applications.
  • Permanent and Sterile: Like perlite, Shehri Kisaan® horticultural vermiculite is a permanent, clean, odorless, non-toxic, and sterile solution for your gardening needs. It remains intact over time, eliminating the risk of deterioration, mold, or rot, and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Packaging of Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite

Contents: Each pack of Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite contains high-quality, horticultural grade asbestos-free, and non-toxic vermiculite granules. This ensures you have a reliable and safe product for your gardening, horticulture, and hydroponic needs.

Product Variations and Packaging Options for Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Organic Vermiculite:

  • Weight Variations:
    • 450g, 950g, and 1900g options are available in heavy-duty LD pouches.
    • Bulk options: 5kg and 10kg packaging in convenient gunny bags.

Customized Packaging:

  • We offer customized packing options to meet your specific requirements.
  • Ideal for garden stores and nurseries, as well as bulk and wholesale orders.
  • Various packaging types are available, including branded LD pouches and non-branded options for self-branding purposes.

Minimum Order Quantity:

  • The minimum order quantity of each pack size is 20 units.
  • Contact us for any customized packaging needs, and we’ll be happy to assist you.


FAQs Related to Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Organic Vermiculite


Q1. What is the composition of Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite? 

Ans. Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral consisting of aluminum-iron, magnesium, and other elements. It is mined and processed to form granules and shiny silicate flakes.

Q2. How does Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite promote plant growth? 

Ans. Shehri Kisaan® Organic Coarse Vermiculite accelerates growth and provides anchorage for tender young root systems, leading to stronger and healthier plants.

Q3. Can I use Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite in hydroponic systems?

Ans. Yes, Shehri Kisaan® Organic Coarse Vermiculite can be used in hydroponic systems. Its porous structure allows it to absorb and retain water, providing a consistent moisture supply to the plant roots in a hydroponic setup. It also improves aeration and nutrient distribution in the growing medium, promoting healthy plant growth.

Q4. How do I use Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite for seed starting?

Ans. To use Shehri Kisaan® Organic Coarse Vermiculite for seed starting, you can create a seedling mix by combining equal parts vermiculite, compost, and peat moss or coco coir. Moisten the mixture before filling seed trays or pots. Place the seeds in the vermiculite-enriched mix and lightly cover them. The vermiculite will provide a moist and well-aerated environment for seed germination.

Q5. Can Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite be used alone as a growing medium?

Ans. Shehri Kisaan® Organic Coarse Vermiculite is primarily used as an amendment or additive to improve soil structure and moisture retention. While it can retain moisture and provide some nutrients, it is not typically used as a standalone growing medium. It is recommended to mix it with other mediums such as soil, compost, or coco coir for optimal plant growth.

Q6. Is Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite safe for organic gardening?

Ans. Yes, Shehri Kisaan® Organic Coarse Vermiculite is safe for organic gardening. It is a natural mineral that is free from harmful chemicals and additives. It helps improve soil quality, water retention, and nutrient availability without compromising organic gardening practices.

Q7. Can Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite be reused?

Ans. Shehri Kisaan® Organic Coarse Vermiculite can be reused multiple times. After harvesting your plants, you can carefully remove the vermiculite from the growing medium, rinse it thoroughly to remove any debris, and allow it to dry. Once dry, it can be reused in subsequent gardening projects. However, over time, vermiculite may break down and lose its structure, so it is recommended to replace it periodically.

Q8. How does Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite compare to perlite?

Ans. Shehri Kisaan® Organic Coarse Vermiculite and perlite are both popular soil amendments with similar applications. However, they have different properties. Vermiculite has excellent water retention abilities and provides more nutrient retention compared to perlite. On the other hand, perlite has superior aeration properties, providing better drainage. Depending on your specific gardening needs, you can choose to use vermiculite, perlite, or a combination of both.

Q9. Can Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite be used for indoor plants?

Ans. Yes, Shehri Kisaan® Organic Coarse Vermiculite can be used for indoor plants. Its moisture-retaining properties make it suitable for potted plants, helping to prevent over-drying between watering sessions. By incorporating vermiculite into the potting mix, you can improve soil aeration and moisture control, promoting healthy growth for your indoor plants.

Q10. Does Shehri Kisaan® Coarse Vermiculite have any specific pH requirements?

Ans. Shehri Kisaan® Organic Coarse Vermiculite is pH neutral, meaning it does not significantly affect the pH of the growing medium. This makes it a versatile amendment that can be used in various pH ranges. However, it is always recommended to monitor and adjust the pH of your overall growing medium based on the specific needs of your plants.


420g, 450g, 950g, 1900g, 5KG, 10KG


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