Redish Brown Pumice Stones for Soil Improvement | Enhance Plant Growth with Pumice Stone for Plants – 2 to 15 mm Segregated sizes | Buy Online at Best Price


Enhance the growth of your garden plants with our high-quality redish brown pumice stones, specifically designed for soil improvement. Our pumice stones for soil improvement come in segregated sizes ranging from 2 to 15 mm, ensuring optimal aeration and drainage for your plants.

Buy pumice online at the best price per kg and see the soil improvement of garden plants. Upgrade your gardening game with our premium stones for soil improvement and witness the difference in your plants’ health and vitality.

Pumice Soil Amendment for Thriving Plants 2-15 mm (Segregated into 2 to 4 mm | 6 to 10 mm | 10 to 15 mm sizes) | Excellent Drainage | Use for Bonsai, Orchids, Succulents, Cacti, Terrariums and Dish Gardens 

Pumice Soil Amendment | Pumice Stone for Plants – An Overview

Enhance the health and beauty of your plants with the Shehri Kisaan® Pumice Soil Amendment. These redish-brown chunks of natural volcanic rock are the perfect addition to your gardening toolkit.

Sifted and ready for immediate use, our pumice soil amendment offers numerous benefits, including enhanced nutrient retention, improved drainage, and optimal root development.

Whether you have bonsai trees, orchids, cacti, or succulents, Shehri Kisaan® Pumice is the ideal choice to unlock the full potential of your plants and is available online and you can buy pumice stone both at retail or wholesale prices. 

Application of Shehri Kisaan® Pumice Soil Amendment – Redish Brown Stones for Soil Improvement 

Versatile Applications for Various Plant Types – Important information on Pumice Stones for Soil Improvement for different Plant Varieties

Experience the versatility of Shehri Kisaan® Pumice Soil Amendment, perfect for a wide range of plants. With its unique properties, this pumice soil amendment caters to the specific needs of different plant varieties. Here are some popular applications:

  • Bonsai Trees: Bonsai enthusiasts know the importance of precise soil composition. Shehri Kisaan® Pumice provides the perfect balance of moisture retention and aeration, creating an optimal environment for bonsai trees to thrive. Elevate your bonsai artistry with healthy, resilient trees that showcase the beauty of nature in miniature.
  • Orchids: Orchids require a delicate balance of moisture and aeration. Shehri Kisaan® Pumice, with its lightweight and porous nature, allows for consistent air circulation and moisture control, mimicking the natural conditions that orchids crave. Watch your orchids bloom with vibrant colors and exquisite blooms.
  • Cacti and Succulents: Succulents and cacti are known for their water-storing abilities, and Shehri Kisaan® Pumice complements their needs perfectly. It creates a well-draining, porous environment that prevents waterlogged roots, helping you maintain the right moisture levels for these unique plants. Give your desert treasures the environment they deserve.


Information on Benefits of Shehri Kisaan® Pumice Soil Amendment – Ideal for Soil Improvement of Garden Plants | Pots and Potting Mixes | For Indoor Plants, Cactus and Succulents

Unlocking Optimal Plant Growth | Pumice Stones for Soil Improvement and Potting Soil Mixes | Igneous Porous Media for Indoor Plants 

Shehri Kisaan® Pumice Soil Amendment offers a range of benefits that promote the health and vitality of your plants.

The small pebbles like pumice stones in potting mixes offer a range of benefits and the demand for these stones is increasing with more and more professional nurseries opting for lightweight pumice stone as it holds optimum moisture without the soil becoming too compacted.

Ideal natural replacement for perlite and vermiculite. These porous stones store nutrient-rich moisture and give the plant roots a healthy safe environment to flourish. 

  • Enhanced Nutrient Retention: Pumice is a great media to keep the Potting Soil Nutrient-Rich

Shehri Kisaan® Pumice acts as a sponge, absorbing and storing essential nutrients and moisture, ensuring that your plants receive a steady supply of nourishment over time. This unique capability helps prevent nutrient leaching, allowing your plants to thrive and flourish. Unlike Perlite, the granule is harder and has more pores, giving it the unique advantage of being porous, hard but extremely lightweight. 

  • Improved Drainage and Retain Moisture:

Say goodbye to waterlogged roots and the risks of root rot. Shehri Kisaan® Pumice’s porous structure creates air pockets within the soil, facilitating excellent drainage and preventing excess moisture accumulation. This promotes optimal oxygen flow to the roots, preventing suffocation and promoting robust growth.

  • Root Aeration and Development:

The irregular surface of our pumice chunks creates an ideal environment for root aeration. This promotes the growth of healthy, fibrous roots that can effectively absorb nutrients and water.

With Shehri Kisaan® Pumice, your plants will establish a strong foundation, allowing them to withstand environmental stresses and reach their full potential.

Packaging Shehri Kisaan® Pumice Soil Amendment – 450 grams to 10 kg Retail Packs, 25 and 40 kgs Wholesale Bags


Red Brown Pumice


Red Brown Pumice 6 to 10 mm Pumice for Plants

Convenient and Ready-to-Use Packaging for Various Sizes of Pumice Stones for Plants

Product Packaging Information in Details and Price Options for Pumice Stones / Rocks for Soil Improvement of Garden Plants

At Shehri Kisaan®, we offer a range of convenient packaging options for our high-quality Pumice Soil Amendment. Whether you’re a garden store, nursery, or individual looking to enhance your gardening experience, we have the right packaging solution for you. Here are the available options:

  • Heavy Duty LD Pouch (Branded):
  • Weight Variations: We provide Pumice Soil Amendment in 450 grams, 950 grams, and 1900 grams.
  • Packaging: Our heavy-duty LD pouch is specially designed to ensure durability and preserve the quality of the pumice.
  • Branding: The pouch features our Shehri Kisaan® branding, signifying the authenticity and premium quality of our product.
  • Gunny Bags:
  • Weight Variations: We offer Pumice Soil Amendment in larger quantities, packaged in 5 kg and 10 kg gunny bags.
  • Convenience: The gunny bags are sturdy and easy to handle, making them ideal for bulk purchases or larger gardening projects.
  • Customized Packing:
  • Tailored to Your Needs: For garden stores, nurseries, and bulk orders, we provide customized packing options to meet your specific requirements.
  • Branding Options: Along with our branded LD pouches, we also offer non-branded packaging for those who prefer self-branding.
  • Minimum Order Quantity: To avail of customized packing, the minimum order quantity for each pack size is 20 units.

If you have any specific packaging needs or require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to providing you with the best solutions for your gardening endeavors.


FAQs Related to Shehri Kisaan® Pumice Soil Amendment

Q1: What is the ideal application ratio of Shehri Kisaan® Pumice for bonsai trees? 

Ans. We recommend a 30-40% inclusion of pumice in your bonsai soil mix for optimal results. Use original redish brown excellent quality pumice for your ageless Bonsai Trees. 

Q2: Can Shehri Kisaan® Pumice be used as a standalone potting media for succulents? 

Ans. Yes, our crushed pumice can be used alone or mixed with existing soil for succulent plants varieties that require excellent drainage. Use of Pumice stone will depend on the existing media as well as the plant vareity. Also fertilization would depend on the kind of potting mix being prepared. 

Q3: Is Shehri Kisaan® Pumice pH-neutral? 

Ans. Yes, our pumice has a neutral pH, making it suitable for a wide range of plant species.

Q4:  Can Shehri Kisaan® Pumice be used for rooftop gardens and green vegetable cultivation in planters? 

Ans. Absolutely! Our pumice is versatile and can be used for various gardening projects, including rooftop gardens and vegetable cultivation in planters.

Q5: Does Shehri Kisaan® Pumice break down or decompose over time?

Ans. No, our pumice is highly durable and will not break down or decompose, allowing you to reuse it in your garden for extended periods. This soil medium is also considred a good biological media for aquariums. 

Q6: Can Shehri Kisaan® Pumice be used in flower boxes?

Ans. Yes, our pumice is an excellent addition to flower boxes, providing enhanced drainage and aeration for your plants.

Q7: Is Shehri Kisaan® Pumice suitable for orchid cultivation? 

Ans. Absolutely! Our pumice is highly recommended for orchids, creating a moisture-controlled environment while ensuring adequate aeration for healthy root growth.

Q8: How does Shehri Kisaan® Pumice help in moisture regulation and aeration, would it contain a lot of dust?

Ans. The porous nature of our pumice promotes optimal moisture regulation and aeration, creating a balanced environment for your plants. Shehri Kisaan Pumice is clean and washed and would not contain any dust. 

Q9: Can Shehri Kisaan® Pumice be used as a mulch?

Ans. While it can be used as mulch, our pumice is primarily designed for soil amendment to enhance drainage and root development.

Q10: Does Shehri Kisaan® Pumice contain any diseases, weed seeds, or insects?

Ans. No, our pumice is carefully processed and free from any diseases, weed seeds, or insects.

Q11: Can Shehri Kisaan® Pumice be used for hydroponic cultivation?

Ans. Yes, our pumice can be used as a ready substrate for hydroponic cultivation, providing excellent aeration and moisture control.

Q12: Can Shehri Kisaan® Pumice be procured at lowest prices if im impressed with the quality?

Ans. We provide ✓ all india delivery through reputed transport and courier companies and retail as well as wholesale orders can be delivered with order delivery tracking and delivery to doorstep is available for almost all pin codes. 

For more gardening information, do check out www.shehrikisaan.in

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420g, 450g, 950g, 1900g, 5KG, 10KG


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