Activated Charcoal Chunks


Activated Charcoal Chunks | Natural Odor Absorber, Enhances Nutrient Absorption | Controls Soil pH &  Promotes Healthy Plants

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW OF Horticultural Activated Charcoal Chunks:

Introducing our Horticultural Activated Charcoal Chunks, the perfect soil additive for all your gardening needs. Designed specifically for terrariums, succulents, cacti, orchids, and ornamental plants, this 100% natural odor disinfectant keeps your sealed planters fresh and your plants thriving. With its lightweight and porous properties, our charcoal chunks assist in drainage, balance pH levels, sweeten the soil, aerate the roots, and naturally filter harmful bacteria and excess moisture. Discover the power of Shehri Kisaan® Activated Horticultural Charcoal and transform your plants into vibrant wonders.


APPLICATION OF Horticultural Activated Charcoal Chunks:

  • Perfect for terrariums: Whether you’re creating a miniature garden or a captivating display, our charcoal chunks serve as an ideal base or top layer for terrariums. The porous nature of the charcoal filters harmful bacteria and excess moisture, creating a healthy environment for your plants.
  • Essential for succulents and cacti: Succulents and cacti thrive in well-drained soil. Add our charcoal chunks to their potting mix to ensure proper drainage and prevent waterlogged roots. Watch as your plants flourish with vibrant colors and robust growth.
  • Orchid lovers’ secret weapon: Orchids require precise care to bloom beautifully. Our activated charcoal chunks provide the perfect medium for orchids, absorbing nutrients and maintaining proper moisture levels. Create an optimal environment for your orchids and enjoy breathtaking blooms.


BENEFITS OF Horticultural Activated Charcoal Chunks:

  1. Optimal Drainage: The porosity of our charcoal chunks facilitates effective drainage, preventing waterlogging and root rot. Your plants will thrive in a well-ventilated environment, promoting healthy growth and preventing water-related issues.
  2. pH Balancing: Soil pH plays a vital role in plant health. Our charcoal chunks naturally balance the pH levels, creating an optimal environment for your plants to absorb nutrients and thrive. Say goodbye to soil acidity problems and welcome a harmonious ecosystem for your beloved plants.
  3. Sweetened Soil: As a soil conditioner, our charcoal chunks absorb and retain essential nutrients, providing a steady supply to the plant roots. This enriches the soil, promoting vigorous growth and vibrant foliage. Your plants will thank you with luscious leaves and vibrant blooms.
  4. Enhanced Aeration: Compacted soil restricts root growth and nutrient absorption. The small to medium-sized pieces of our charcoal chunks create air pockets in the soil, allowing roots to breathe and grow freely. Experience healthier and more robust plants with improved aeration.
  5. Natural Odor Disinfectant: Our activated charcoal acts as a natural filter, removing harmful bacteria and odor-causing substances. It’s not just good for plants; it’s also great for aquarium water filtration. Enjoy a cleaner, fresher, and more pleasant gardening experience.


PACKAGING OF Horticultural Activated Charcoal Chunks:

Variety of Weight Options for Charcoal Chunks

At Shehri Kisaan, we offer an extensive range of weight variations for our high-quality Charcoal Chunks. We understand that finding the right packaging size is essential for your specific needs. Allow us to provide you with a clear breakdown of the options:

Convenient Small Packs:

  • 250 grams and 450 grams: These weights are carefully packed in user-friendly Zip Lock Pouches. They ensure easy access and keep the Charcoal Chunks fresh and secure.

Robust Large Packs:

  • 950 grams: Our Heavy Duty LD pouch contains a substantial quantity of Charcoal Chunks, ensuring you have an ample supply for your needs.
  • 1900 grams: If you require an even larger quantity, our Heavy Duty LD pouch offers a generous amount of Charcoal Chunks, providing you with an extended supply.

Bulk Packaging Solutions:

  • 5 kg: Our Heavy Duty Polypack contains a significant volume of Charcoal Chunks, making it suitable for customers with moderate requirements.
  • 10 kg: This option includes 2 units of 5 kg polypacks, making it easy to manage and transport. The polypacks are then securely packed in a larger Gunny Bag for added convenience.
  • 20 kg and 25 kg: These variations follow the same packaging approach as the 10 kg option, consisting of multiple units of 5 kg polypacks packed in a larger Gunny Bag. These larger sizes are perfect for customers with higher volume needs.

Customized Packing for Your Unique Needs:

  • We understand that every customer has unique requirements, and we are pleased to offer customized packing options.
  • Our Charcoal Chunks are highly sought-after by garden stores and nurseries.
  • Alongside our bulk and wholesale orders, we provide customized packing in various types, including branded Zip Lock pouches or non-branded options for self-branding purposes.
  • Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any customized packing requirements. The minimum order quantity for each pack size is 20 units.

We strive to provide packaging solutions that cater to your specific needs, ensuring your experience with our Charcoal Chunks is convenient and satisfactory.

FAQs RELATED TO Horticultural Activated Charcoal Chunks:


Q1. How do I use the Horticultural Activated Charcoal Chunks in my terrarium?

Ans. Simply add a layer of charcoal chunks at the bottom of your terrarium to assist with drainage and maintain a healthy environment for your plants.

Q2. Can I mix the charcoal chunks with the soil for potted plants?

Ans. Yes, mixing the charcoal chunks with the soil promotes better aeration, prevents soil compaction, and aids in drainage for potted plants.

Q3. Do I need to replace the charcoal chunks regularly?

Ans. It is recommended to replace the charcoal chunks every 6-12 months to ensure optimal performance and effectiveness.

Q4. Can I use the Horticultural Activated Charcoal Chunks for outdoor gardening?

Ans. Absolutely! Our charcoal chunks are suitable for indoor, outdoor, kitchen, balcony, and terrace garden plants in planters.

Q5. Will the charcoal chunks alter the pH of my soil?

Ans. No, our charcoal chunks naturally balance the pH levels of the soil, ensuring a stable and conducive environment for plant growth.

Q6. Can I use the charcoal chunks for bonsai trees?

Ans. Yes, our charcoal chunks are suitable for bonsai trees as they provide excellent drainage and prevent waterlogging.

Q7. How do the charcoal chunks filter harmful bacteria and excess moisture?

Ans. The porous structure of our charcoal chunks acts as a natural filter, absorbing and trapping harmful bacteria and excess moisture, creating a healthier plant environment.

Q8. Can I use the charcoal chunks for aquarium water filtration?

Ans. Yes, our activated charcoal chunks can be used for aquarium water filtration, effectively removing impurities and odors.

Q9. Are the charcoal chunks reusable?

Ans. Yes, our heavy-duty bags are reusable, allowing you to store and reuse the charcoal chunks whenever needed.

Q10. Is the Horticultural Activated Charcoal environmentally friendly?

Ans. Absolutely! Our charcoal chunks are 100% natural and biodegradable, making them safe for the environment.

Q11. How long will the bag of charcoal chunks last?

Ans. The longevity of the charcoal chunks depends on usage and plant care. On average, a bag can last between 6 months to a year.


250g, 420g, 450g, 950g, 1900g, 5KG, 10KG, 20KG, 25KG


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