Magic Crystal Water Jelly Orbeez Balls: Water Bead Plant Soil Magic Crystal Water Jelly Balls Orbeez Water Balls & Jelly Beads Fun


Explore the enchanting world of Magic Crystal Water Jelly Balls (Orbeez) – a versatile and colorful wonder for kids, plant enthusiasts, and decorators. Discover their use as a unique soil alternative, stress-relieving sensory play, vibrant vase fillers, and more. Dive into the magic of Orbeez with easy online shopping. Get creative and bring your space to life with these non-toxic, expanding water beads today!

Water Jelly Bead Magic: Unleash the Power of Orbeez Balls

Experience the mesmerizing world of Water Oebeez Balls and Balls Orbeez. These transforming Orbeez Water Balls create a captivating Soil Water Beads Jelly landscape that brings a pop of color to any space. Perfect for every Plant, they offer a unique and visually stunning alternative to traditional decor.

A Perfect Toy for Kids – Crystal Jelly Water Bead / Orbeez Water Balls

Our Water Ball for Kids is more than just a toy. It’s a magical journey into a world of Mud and Magic Crystal Balls. These Jelly Balls Mud Soil Beads are perfect for sensory play, growing into Crystal Water Jelly Balls Mud when introduced to water. They are also Non-Toxic, making them as safe as they are fun.

Transform Your Indoor Decor with Magic Crystal Water Jelly Balls / Orbeez Water Balls

Discover the magic of Magic Crystal Water Jelly Balls. These Giant balls are perfect for every Plant and can be used as Crystal Soil. They transform into sparkling Balls Crystal when immersed in Clear Water, creating beautiful decorative assorted Colors.

Colourful Water Ball for Kids: A Perfect Decoration for Weddings and Vase Filler

Our Colourful Magic Crystal Water Jelly is not just any decoration; it’s a statement. Use them as a Vase Filler or to create a vibrant Soil Water Beads landscape. Dive into the world of Magic Crystal Balls and explore the fascinating Jelly Mud.

Crystal Water Jelly Balls Mud, Soil Beads, and More!

Our Magic Crystal Balls are more than just a toy; they are a Polymer that expands into Water Jelly Balls Mud Soil when in contact with water. Use them as Soil Water Beads or as Decoration Assorted Colors in your home. These Gel Balls are Non-Toxic and safe for all.

An Ideal Choice for Gardening and Artificial Plants + Unique Decoration Balls Orbeez for Plants (Live)

Not only are these Gel Soil Beads visually stunning, but they are also practical. They are highly Absorbent, providing much-needed moisture for your Gardening and Artificial Plants. The vibrant colors can give new life to your plants and create a mesmerizing landscape that will surely attract attention.

A Delight for Kids: Mud and Water Ball

Engage your kids in creative play with our Water Ball for Kids. These balls, when combined with mud, create a fascinating play-scape that can keep your children busy for hours. These Jelly Balls Mud Soil Beads are safe, Non-Toxic, and perfect for sensory play.

Perfect for Special Occasions – Kid Parties, Colourful Vase Filler for Wedding Decorations

Whether it’s a wedding, a party, or any other celebration, our Colourful Water Ball for Kids can serve as a perfect Decoration Assorted Color. They can be used as a Vase Filler or spread around the venue to add a touch of elegance and charm.

Experience the Magic of Orbeez (Non-Toxic Water Expanding Balls)Today!

With our easy and convenient Online Shopping, you can bring the magic of Orbeez to your home or event today. Explore our range of Orbeez Water BallsWater Beads Jelly, and Magic Crystal Balls that are designed to transform your space and inspire creativity. Don’t wait, dive into the magical world of Orbeez today!

Online Shopping: Simple and Convenient

With Online Shopping, bringing the magic of Orbeez into your home has never been easier. From our Orbeez Water Balls to our Water Beads Jelly, each product is designed to inspire creativity. So why wait? Experience the magic of Orbeez today!

“Transform your home with the finest Orbeez Water Balls! Experience the magic right at your doorstep


FAQs People Also Ask (with Short Answers)

Q: What is the price of the Magic Crystal Water Jelly Orbeez Balls?

A: The price can vary based on the pack size and retailer. You can generally find the 10000 pcs pack online in India with prices ranging from affordable to moderate, often with options for cash on delivery and free shipping.

Q: Are these Magic Crystal Water Jelly Balls ideal for plant soil?

A: Yes, these soil gel beads can provide a healthier environment for plant growth. They slowly release water into the soil, helping to prevent over and under-watering. They are perfect for indoor home and office desktop plants, and even for gardening and artificial plants.

Q: What are the sensory benefits of these colorful Magic Crystal Water Jelly Balls?

A: The Rainbow mix of these Jelly balls offers a sensory experience. Multicolour and transparent beads jelly can be used as a stress ball or in other sensory activities, providing a unique tactile experience due to their gel-like structure.

Q: Should soil water beads jelly be clear water?

A: Generally, you should always use clear water to hydrate these magic crystal water jelly balls. This will help them to fully expand and become more transparent, showing off their colorful crystal mud aesthetic in your home decor or centerpiece.

Q: Can the multicolor gel ball be used as a decoration with assorted colors?

A: Yes, indeed. The Magic Crystal Water Jelly Beads come in a variety of colorful beads that can be used for decoration purposes. Whether creating a rainbow-themed craft or looking to brighten up a vase, these beads jelly can transform any space with their vibrant palette.

Q: Is a water ball for kids safe to use as a stress ball blaster?

A: While these Magic Crystal Water Jelly Balls are non-toxic and generally safe, they should not be used as ammunition in a ball blaster. They are not intended for this use, and doing so could risk damage to the balls or potential injury.

Q: Can Magic Crystal Water Jelly Balls grow to 10 times their size?

A: Yes, these water-expanding balls can grow significantly in size. When placed in water, they will start to expand, reaching sizes many times their original size. The growth usually is up to 10 to 20 times of their original size.

Q: Can these Magic Crystal Water Jelly Balls serve as soil for Water Based Plants?

A: They can indeed. The gel beads can serve as a soil substitute, perfect for growing a variety of plants including some types of water plants. However, it’s best to research thoroughly regarding specific plant’s needs, as not all may thrive in this medium. Growing Artificial Plants with orbies is ideal for indoor home decoration, where growing live plants is not possible.

Q: What is the package size for the colorful Magic Crystal Water Jelly Balls craft?

A: The Magic Crystal Water Jelly balls often come in multiple package sizes to suit different needs. You can find packs of 20-22 grams in transparent bottles, 50 grams, and 1 kg packing is done in Zip Lock Pouches,  making it easy to customize your craft or interior decoration project.

Q: Can these Magic Crystal Water Jelly Balls contribute to providing oxygen?

A: While the Magic Crystal Water Jelly Balls themselves do not provide oxygen, they can aid the growth of plants that do. By maintaining moisture levels in the soil, they help to create an environment where plants can flourish and naturally produce oxygen. These are best suited for common Plants that grow easily in Water in Indian conditions like:

  • ·         Aglaonema
  • ·         Arrowhead Plant
  • ·         Begonia
  • ·         Chinese Evergreen and Dumbcane
  • ·         Coleus
  • ·         Croton
  • ·         Dracaena
  • ·         Impatiens
  • ·         Lucky bamboo
  • ·         Philodendron
  • ·         Pothos
  • ·         Spider Plant
  • ·         Syngonium
  • ·         Wandering Jew

Green, Multicolour, Purple, Red, Transparent, Yellow


25g, 100g, 250g


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