Adenium Soil Mix


Gritty Organic Adenium Potting Soil Mix | Fast Drainage & Root Rot Prevention | Thickens Caudex and Improves Adenium Growth

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Product Overview: Shehri Kisaan® Gritty Organic Adenium Potting Soil Mix

Achieve optimal growth and nourishment for your Adenium plants with Shehri Kisaan® Gritty Organic Adenium Soil Mix. This pre-mixed blend is specifically formulated to provide fast and improved drainage, prevent root rot, and thicken the caudex of your indoor and outdoor garden container Adenium plants. With our carefully curated blend of organic ingredients, your Adenium plants will thrive and flourish like never before.

Application of Shehri Kisaan® Gritty Organic Adenium Potting Soil Mix

  • Repotting: Use our Adenium potting soil mix to repot your favorite Desert Rose plants and Adenium Bonsai trees. It offers the perfect balance of drainage, pH balance, water retention, and nutrient uptake, promoting healthy root development and overall plant growth.
  • Transplanting: Whether you’re moving your Adenium plants from one container to another or from the nursery to your garden, our pre-mixed soil blend provides the ideal medium for successful transplanting. It ensures optimal aeration, preventing root suffocation and promoting seamless acclimatization.
  • Container Gardening: Shehri Kisaan® Gritty Organic Adenium Potting Soil Mix is designed to meet the specific needs of container gardening. Its fast-draining properties help maintain the right moisture levels for your Adenium plants while preventing waterlogging and root rot.

Benefits of Shehri Kisaan® Gritty Organic Adenium Potting Soil Mix

  • Improved Drainage: Our potting soil mix offers enhanced drainage, preventing waterlogging and root rot. It ensures the right balance of moisture for healthy root development and overall plant well-being.
  • Thickened Caudex: The unique composition of our soil mix promotes the thickening of the caudex, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your Adenium plants. Experience the joy of seeing a fuller and more robust caudex formation.
  • Prevention of Root Rot: With our blend, you can bid farewell to the risk of root rot. The fast-draining nature of the mix allows excess water to escape, keeping the roots healthy and free from fungal infections.

Packaging of Shehri Kisaan® Gritty Organic Adenium Potting Soil Mix

We offer a range of weight variations for our “Adenium Soil Mix” to suit different gardening needs. Here are the available options:

  1. Small Packs: We provide three options in convenient small packs, weighing 450 grams, 950 grams, and 1900 grams. These packs come in heavy-duty LD pouches, which are branded to ensure quality.
  2. Medium Packs: For those requiring larger quantities, we offer 5 kg, 10 kg, and 20 kg options. These packs are packed in durable 5 kg heavy-duty polypacks for enhanced protection. The 10 kg and 20 kg variants consist of 2 or 4 units of 5 kg polybags, respectively, which are further packed in one larger Gunny Bag.
  3. Customized Packing: We understand the unique needs of garden stores and nurseries, as well as bulk/wholesale orders. Hence, we provide customized packing options for our Adenium Soil Mix. This includes branded Zip Lock pouches and non-branded packs for self-branding purposes. If you have specific packaging requirements, please contact us. Please note that the minimum order quantity for customized packing is 20 units per pack size.

We strive to offer flexibility and quality packaging options to meet the diverse demands of our customers, ensuring that their gardening experience is convenient and rewarding.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shehri Kisaan® Gritty Organic Adenium Potting Soil Mix


Q1. Can I use this soil mix for other succulent plants?

Ans. Yes, our Adenium potting soil mix is suitable for various succulent plants. It provides the right balance of drainage and moisture retention, promoting healthy growth.

Q2. How often should I water my Adenium plants with this soil mix?

Ans. Water your Adenium plants when the soil feels dry. Avoid overwatering, as it may lead to root rot. Monitor the moisture levels and adjust watering accordingly.

Q3. Is this soil mix suitable for indoor Adenium plants?

Ans. Absolutely! Our soil mix is designed for both indoor and outdoor Adenium plants. It offers the necessary nutrients, drainage, and aeration for optimal plant health.

Q4. Can I mix this soil with other potting mixes?

Ans. While our soil mix is already pre-mixed and ready to use, you can blend it with other potting mixes if desired. However, be mindful of the water retention and drainage characteristics of the final mix.

Q5. How often should I fertilize my Adenium plants when using this soil mix?

Ans. We recommend fertilizing your Adenium plants with a balanced fertilizer once a month. Follow the instructions provided with the fertilizer for the best results.


250g, 420g, 450g, 950g, 1900g, 5KG, 10KG, 20KG, 25KG


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