Plant Phosphate Fertilizer (PPF)


PPF Plants Phosphates Fertilizer | Granular Feed for Stronger, Faster Growth | Enhances Flowering & Fruit Formation | Ideal for Home Gardens & Commercial Farming | Non-Organic Synthetic Formula

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW OF Shehri Kisaan Plants Phosphates Fertilizer (PPF)

{Transform Your Garden with Shehri Kisaan PPF} – Elevate your gardening experience with Shehri Kisaan Plants Phosphates Fertilizer (PPF). This exceptional granular feed is specially designed to improve flowering, enhance plant health, and provide essential nutrients for optimal growth. With its easy-to-use black crystals, Shehri Kisaan PPF is stronger and better formulated than traditional DAP fertilizers. Whether you have a small home garden or a vast orchard, this fertilizer is a game-changer that delivers outstanding results. Nurture your plants with the power of Shehri Kisaan PPF and witness the transformation in your garden.

APPLICATION OF Shehri Kisaan Plants Phosphates Fertilizer (PPF)

  • Ideal replacement for DAP fertilizer in home, kitchen, and terrace gardens
  • Suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants requiring nitrogen and phosphorous
  • For home use, apply 5 to 10 granules for 6 to 12-inch planters, mix well, and water the plant post-application
  • Slow-release high-quality fertilizer, repeat use once every 14 to 21 days
  • Can be used in all crops, grasslands, gardens, and orchards
  • Reduce the quantity of PPF by 10 to 15% compared to DAP for optimal results
  • Enhances root formation and promotes overall plant growth

BENEFITS OF Shehri Kisaan Plants Phosphates Fertilizer (PPF)

{Unlock the Potential of Your Plants} – Shehri Kisaan Plants Phosphates Fertilizer (PPF) offers a multitude of benefits for your plants:

  1. Increases Flowering and Fruiting: By promoting a strong root system, PPF stimulates abundant flowers and fruits. Experience a burst of color and enjoy a bountiful harvest in your garden.
  2. Enhances Overall Plant Growth: Shehri Kisaan PPF provides essential nutrients that encourage the growth of shoots and leaves, resulting in healthier and more robust plants. Watch your plants thrive like never before.
  3. Improves Shelf Life and Quality: The balanced formulation of Shehri Kisaan PPF enhances the quality and shelf life of your produce. Enjoy fresh, vibrant, and long-lasting fruits and vegetables straight from your garden.

PACKAGING OF Shehri Kisaan Plants Phosphates Fertilizer (PPF)

Shehri Kisaan Plants Phosphates Fertilizer (PPF) is available in various convenient packaging sizes to suit your gardening needs. Here are the packaging details for Shehri Kisaan® PPF Plants Phosphates Fertilizer:

  • 250 grams and 420 grams: These quantities are packed in convenient and resealable Zip Lock Pouches, ensuring easy storage and preservation.
  • 950 grams and 1900 grams: For these larger quantities, we use heavy-duty LD (low-density) pouches that bear the Shehri Kisaan brand. These pouches are designed to withstand the weight and provide added protection.
  • 5 kg, 10 kg, and 20 kg: These bulk quantities are packed in 5 kg heavy-duty polypacks, which are then placed inside larger Gunny Bags. For 10 kg and 20 kg options, multiple units of 5 kg polypacks are used, providing convenient handling and storage.
  • 25 kg: The 25 kg variant comes in a single branded Gunny Bag, ensuring safe transportation and easy identification.

With these packaging options, we prioritize convenience, durability, and effective storage, so you can enjoy the benefits of Shehri Kisaan PPF Plants Phosphates Fertilizer without any hassle.

FAQs RELATED TO Shehri Kisaan Plants Phosphates Fertilizer (PPF)

Q1. How is Shehri Kisaan PPF different from traditional DAP fertilizers? 

Ans. Shehri Kisaan PPF is stronger, better formulated, and provides more significant results compared to DAP fertilizers. It also requires 10 to 15% less quantity for the same effect.

Q2. Can I use Shehri Kisaan PPF for all types of plants? 

Ans. Yes, Shehri Kisaan PPF can be used for all plants, including flowering plants, crops, grasslands, gardens, and orchards.

Q3. How often should I apply for Shehri Kisaan PPF? 

Ans. For optimal results, apply Shehri Kisaan PPF once every 14 to 21 days, depending on your specific gardening needs.

Q4. Does Shehri Kisaan PPF improve root formation? 

Ans. Yes, Shehri Kisaan PPF promotes strong root systems, which leads to better nutrient absorption and overall plant health.

Q5. Can I use Shehri Kisaan PPF in home gardens? 

Ans. Absolutely! Shehri Kisaan PPF is perfect for home, kitchen, and terrace gardens. Its easy-to-use granular form makes it convenient for gardening enthusiasts of all levels.

Q6. Does Shehri Kisaan PPF enhance fruiting and flowering? 

Ans. Yes, Shehri Kisaan PPF stimulates abundant flowering and fruiting in plants, resulting in a vibrant and fruitful garden.

Q7. Is Shehri Kisaan PPF suitable for commercial farming? 

Ans. Shehri Kisaan PPF is a popular choice among commercial farmers due to its excellent results in increasing flower formation and improving overall plant health.

Q8. What is the composition of Shehri Kisaan PPF? 

Ans. Shehri Kisaan PPF has a composition of 18-52-00, providing the necessary nutrients for optimal plant growth.

Q9. Can Shehri Kisaan PPF be used in both indoor and outdoor plants? 

Ans. Yes, Shehri Kisaan PPF is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants that require nitrogen and phosphorous.

Q10. Can I use Shehri Kisaan PPF for organic gardening? 

Ans. Shehri Kisaan PPF is not certified for organic gardening but can be used for conventional gardening to enhance plant growth and flowering.

Q11. How can I determine the appropriate quantity of Shehri Kisaan PPF to use for my plants? 

Ans. It is recommended to study the DAP requirements for each specific plant variety or crop. For home gardening, start with a lesser quantity, observe the results, and experiment with different plant varieties and seasons to achieve the best outcome.


250g, 420g, 450g, 950g, 1900g, 5KG, 10KG, 25KG


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